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Teaching Mathematics, the Vertex Way

Today, the majority of students face problems of understanding the problem and using the right approach. If you understand the problem, the method is so lengthy that it ends up taking enormous amount of time in examination and competition. If you know any shortcut, you end up learning by rote.

Mathematics is the scinece of intelligent and guided practice. What we, at Vertex teach is not only solving problems and getting answers but the “right approach to problem solving”. Because we believe, mathematics is as much about getting right answer as using the right approach. The beauty lies in solving the problem in the most effective way which proceeds logically, covering all the data in the given problem.

Let me illustrate this with an example. We often use the formula r.C(n,r) = n.C(n-1, r-1). I have seen students mugging it up and using it to solve problems of permutation and combination without understanding the logic behind it. Now this certainly gets the answer to a straightforward question but the students will get stuck if there is any twist. Moreover, the problem with memorizing formulae in mind is missing few parameters.
Our approach is different. We go behind the formulae and find out the logic and then we explain why. In this example, we give a problem to students. Select a team of r students from n students in a class and make one captain. Find out the ways to do it. Now this can be done in 2 ways.

1. Select the captain first and team later.
2. Select the team first and make one of them captain.

Now look at the cases:
1. I can select captain in n ways because there are n students. Now that I have selected captain, I have to choose r-1 more students to form the team. Since the captain is selected, we have remaining n-1 students to select from. This can be done by C(n-1, r-1) ways. Hence the complete job can be done by n.C(n-1, r-1) ways.

2. First we select r students’ team from n students in C(n,r) ways. Now that the team of r is selected, we have to make one of the r students captain. We can do this in r ways since we have r students in the team and one of them has to be captain. Hence the total number of ways will be r.C(n-1, r-1).

This approach makes even the complex tasks easy for students to learn.

This is just an example of how we, at Vertex, devise ways to make mathematics easier to learn.

Teaching Physics, The Vertex Way

“God doesn’t play dice”… said Einstein. Instead He works through Physics.

Everything you see in universe works under some law. These laws are rigid, immutable, and inescapable. The laws are the tools of Nature through which it is able to manage such a vast array of things and their interaction in the universe. It is because of these laws we are able to life weight, hold a pen, experiment gravity, write a poem, run a marathon, and eat and sleep at the end of the day. Through quantum physics, it also explains the working of mind and our relation with nature.

nasa-shuttle_981606aPhysics is the basic science which focuses on what we experience in daily life such as force, energy, motion, heat, electricity, atoms, light, vibrations, and other phenomenon of the universe. Till standard 10th, physics teaches you very basic concepts. It readies you for further exploration of subject in higher classes.


However, in +2, science takes a leap. It covers everything required to understand the fundamentals of laws of the universe. The subject turns more comprehensive and requires students not only to understand the fundamental units of Physics like heat, mechanics, electricity etc. but also the interaction between them. Additionally, class 12th Physics focuses not so much on what it is but why it is so and how it is so. Essentially, students have to learn and understand why and how things work.

At the same applying the knowledge to solving problems is crucial for students for securing high marks in 12th as well as compete in entrance tests which are getting increasingly difficult to crack.

We, at Vertex, focus on understanding of Physics at a very fundamental level to build a solid foundation. Then we build on the solid foundation, a strong understanding of deeper concepts of mechanics, heat, optics, modern physics, electricity and other branches required for class 12th. Finally, we show students how to use these concepts to solve problems and we do solves plethora of problems of all types.

Our judicious focus on the mix of theory and problem solving not only ensures students understand the concepts of physics but also enable them solve problems to crack 12th, IIT-JEE, NEET, Medical Entrance, BITSAT, and many more competitive entrance tests crucial for their life and career.

Teaching Chemistry, The Vertex Way

periodic-tableChemistry is a difficult subject for students because it works at a very fundamental level. Level at which our brain usually doesn’t go into. Moreover, identifying with chemical reaction is difficult precisely because we do not observe the working of reactions in real life because it is too fast. We do, however, observe the final product and build a logic around the process.

This problem can be solved, although it requires a great teacher. At Vertex, we make chemistry a very logical sequence of events, with intermediate events leading to the final product. The importance and focus on the intermediate events decodes chemistry and takes out the mystery from chemical reaction. Hence students easily understand the step by step process by which a chemical reaction takes place.

Understanding the chemical reaction and its intermediate steps are crucial in understanding the complete chemical reaction. Our faculty has devised a pragmatic way to explain chemistry to students. Our focus is on the following:

1. Understanding the step by step process of a chemical reaction
2. Understanding the interaction between atoms and molecules
3. Understanding physical aspects of chemistry which deals with quantity and energy of chemical reactions
4. Logic of Organic chemistry oxidation, reduction, breaking and making of molecules and compounds
5. Inorganic chemistry and its reactions

These are just few points out of a comprehensive coverage of Physical, Organic, and Inorganic chemistry which takes students to every aspect of individual subjects and the relation among them.

Come, join, and feel the difference of quality of teaching at Vertex.

Teaching Biology, The Vertex Way

Bio3Biology is science of life, life of human, animals, and plant. We see life all around us. We see animals and plants all around us. However, we always find understanding biology difficult. A good teacher can make biology interesting, fascinating, and inspiring. We, at Vertex, make biology a subject you would fall for.

We get amazed by the interaction and dependence of animals, plant, and humans. Biology gives insight to interaction of nature and life.

In class 11th and 12th, we often observe that students find the following problems while studying biology.
1. The names and nomenclature
2. The language of biology
3. Approach to problem solving

We take these issues heads-on.

1. The problem with name and nomenclature is real. Many doctors and biologists too find the nomenclature intimidating and spelling error is common. However, this can be cured largely, if not fully. We, at Vertex, connect the nomenclature with the name, break the word into parts and show the logic behind the name. It is very similar to what we see in organic chemistry nomenclature.

2. The language if biology is language of life in different form. Once students understand the logic behind the nomenclature, a major part of the language problem is solved.

3. Biology requires a different mindset in problem solving. It is very different from what is needed in Physics and Mathematics. In Physics and Mathematics, students need to practice problem solving for a larger part of their study time. Even then, the types and approaches to problems are tremendous. In Biology, problem solving is more about the understanding the basic rules of bio-science and applying it to solve problems. Moreover, the types and approaches are not varied. We, at Vertex, understand this and provide the best guidance to students so that they can excel in entrance tests as well as board examination.

In Vertex, you are in safe hands.


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