Vertex Classes

Founders are core of any institution. Without founders with vision, successful students cannot be prepared. Vertex Classes founders are also faculty members. A brief introduction is given below. Apart from Physics and mathematics, Vertex has competent in-house faculty for biology and Chemistry to provide a wholesome, one-stop center for all subjects.

Additionally, innovative methods of teaching, and religious adherence to timeline provides the best coaching in the country. Our teachers not only teach but also provide yearlong guidance on subjects, board examination, and entrance tests.

Students are free to consult any book apart from what we suggest. They can explore subjects from various books and ask questions and doubts whenever they encounter one. It is our continuous endeavor to provide students not only subject knowledge but also generate an interest in science and mathematics which helps then in future too.


Anup Rai (IIT kanpur) 

Anup is from IIT Kanpur with extensive experience of more than 7 years as a physics faculty. As a faculty, Anup explains the laws of physics by giving real life examples and solving problems to connect with the concepts.

Anup is instrumental in setting up Vertex Classes in Bhubaneswar. A faculty, par excellence, Anup is known to make the concepts of Physics easier for students to understand and grasp the ways to implement concepts in solving difficult problems of Physics. He encourages students to read the best book and ask questions from any book.

He is responsible for many students qualifying NEET and IIT-JEE. He is one of the best Physics faculty in the country with degree from IIT Kanpur.

Pankaj Priyadarshi (IIT Kharagpur)

Pankaj is from IIT Kharagpur, He brings 7 years of extensive experience as a Math’s faculty. His unique style of teaching, problem solving approach, and concept discussion brings mathematics alive in the classroom.

His insight into mathematical problems, his explanation of subjects, and above all, his linking of various mathematical units (like Algebra, Vector, Calculus, 3D and 2D Coordinate geometry, Probability etc) is good. Being from IIT Kharagpur, Pankaj brings with him 5 years of experinece in teaching and sending students to IIT and various other engineering colleges across the country.


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