JEE Main score – Is there any correlation with your performance in upcoming JEE Advanced

There is absolutely no weightage of JEE Main score for admission into IITs and hence there is no impact on your chances if you have scored low as long as you have come in top 2 lakhs people who can take JEE Advanced. So focus on your study, prepare hard, and do well on 21st May, the D-Day for you.

My purpose is to find if there is any correlation between the JEE Main score and JEE Advanced. Does the JEE Main score say anything about your possible JEE Advanced score. This is purely based on my experience in dealing with JEE aspirants.

JEE Main and JEE Advanced – The difference

JEE Main and Advanced have different standard of questions and they test your ability in many different areas. JEE Main is relatively easier as far as standard of questions is concerned. In case of JEE Main, the questions can be relatively easier but time is vital. Judicious use of time can make you chances bright while wasting away your time in silly mistakes, deriving formulae, spending too much on one subject and neglecting others can kill your chances.

Moreover JEE Main tests your skill of problem solving. There is very little scope of creativity. Most of the concepts are duly explained in your textbook (Arihant, Cengage, K C Sinha etc.). However, the syllabus is exhaustive. If you have gone through the syllabus and concepts thoroughly, JEE Main can be less stressful.

However, don’t get deceived by the questions of JEE Main that look easier. Most of the students end up making silly mistakes and losing 1 mark. Actually you are losing 5 marks, 1 for wrong answer, 4 as opportunity loss.

Hence JEE Main tests your problem solving, accuracy, and diligence.

On the other hand, JEE Advanced is relatively more difficult. In all the subjects, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, JEE Advanced is tougher. At the same time, the degree of toughness in mathematics is altogether at a different level. I am sure all of you have experienced this. JEE question makers love to combine different concepts in mathematics and roll all of them into one nice difficult question.

Solving JEE Advanced problems not only require your problem solving skills but also presence of mind and use of creativity. Using diagrams, taking cases, putting values, and little bit of insight helps you work through the problems. When I use the word creativity, this doesn’t mean the “smart” way of solving which requires no effort. Creativity comes out of focused practice of problem solving. Hence you cannot avoid problem solving. Lot of “boing” hours of study and practice are spent behind the “smart” exterior.

Your score in JEE Main and its correlation with JEE Advanced

First, if your score is very high and you fall under 250+ bracket, you are already set to get good score in JEE Advanced unless there is big mess up. You have burned midnight oil, worked hard, and deserved your success in JEE Main. All that you have to do now is to revise the concepts, revise the difficult concepts twice, work out some problems which give you hard times, go through all the past JEE Advanced questions, do 10-20 mock test papers available in the market. Arihant and Cengage keep publishing such books.

When the score in JEE Main is below 200, the correlation between the score of JEE Main and JEE Advanced becomes even less. I have seen students scoring 180+ in JEE Main but failed to get selected in JEE Advanced. At the same time, I know few students who barely passed JEE Main but ended up ranks below 5000 in JEE Advanced scoring 150+.

While many students who work with enormous due diligence can get great score by avoiding such mistakes, they cannot use the same diligence in JEE Advanced, may be because of exhaustion or distraction in JEE Advanced. At the same time, many bright students taking questions too lightly end up making mistakes which lowers their score. They take it as lesson learnt and avoid the same mistake in JEE Advanced.

Finally the point here is to convey to students that if your score is good in JEE Main, maintain the same due diligence and hard work for another 3 weeks. Additionally, students who did average or just passed JEE Main, avoid the same mistake in JEE Advanced.

This is not yet the end. Picture abhi baaki hai.

~ Pankaj Priyadarshi


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