How to prepare for English and Logical Reasoning for BITSAT


Weren’t Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics enough difficult for BITSAT, then why did they had to add English and logical reasoning to it. Frankly speaking, it was not required but who wants frank opinion now a days.

So now that this is there in the BITSAT test paper, let’s see how you can prepare for it so that you do not lose out because of this silly language which gets too much importance in our country. To be fair, English language does have its own advantage in science and engineering but making it a criteria for admission in one of the top engineering colleges is taking things little far.

The first and foremost thing is not to be scared by it. Do not think that you are at a disadvantage compared to city cool dudes. The grammar part is equally good or bad. Even if there is slight advantage, you can overcome it in no time.

Second, do not spend much time on it. You can start preparing for English and logical reasoning just 3-4 months before the actual BITSAT test. 4 months is more than sufficient to prepare for English and Logical Reasoning part of BITSAT. Spend about an hour or two depending on your current level of English.

The best way to prepare is to solve previous year questions and improve your vocabulary. Most of the words used in the test will be known to you in a vague way but you should know the exact meaning of the word. For this, spend some time in reading the newspaper daily. Read the editorial everyday with underlining words whose meaning you are not clear with. Then look at the meaning in a dictionary. Connect the meaning in the given context or sentence. This whole exercise will take less than 30 minutes.

Pay special attention to phrases most commonly used. You should also know the uses of “who & whom”, “in and into”, “which versus that” etc. Understand the singular and plural uses especially of the nouns which have “s” in the end. There are many quirks in English language which can drive you crazy in the beginning, especially students who did not give much attention to the grammar part of the language. All these may sound difficult in the beginning but once you do few sentences and use them, they will be easy to handle.

As far as logical reasoning is concerned, it is mathematics in the most primitive form. Finding the pattern in pictures, spotting the missing number, Venn diagram and pictorial representation of sets, relationship questions etc. are common. The only way to gain expertise is by doing them. These are like puzzles which you used to solve when you were children. The standard is similar but the time is short which makes it difficult.

Finally, buy a good book on BITSAT. Arihant’s or Disha’s books are good enough. As far as preparing for PCM is concerned, you have anyway prepared for JEE mains and advanced and that is more than sufficient for BITSAT.

Pankaj Priyadarshi


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