Best Mathematics books for IITJEE Advanced

There are plenty of books in the market for IITJEE mathematics. However, abundance of books and authors in the market has only created more confusion. Here is my attempt to list few books which I found very helpful in IITJEE preparation. Take a look.

These mathematics books are mentioned for JEE Advanced purpose. The logic is simple. If you study for JEE Advanced, your JEE mains preparation is taken care of automatically. There are few topics which are in JEE mains but not in JEE Advanced. Even if they are in JEE Advanced syllabus, questions are rarely asked.

This is a comprehensive list. You may want to buy few of them or buy all. However, avoid being stingy on books. Books generally give you more than you pay for price.


First, few words about mathematics in IITJEE Advanced.

Mathematics in JEE Advanced is truly challenging for anyone. It tests your skill like no subject does. It is not that Physics and Chemistry in JEE Advanced are easier. Far from it, they can be equally daunting. But Mathematics questions can be extremely interesting as well as challenging. Mathematics offers variety of ways to form problems and IITJEE questions maker love to test your skill at problem solving. So here are few books that will help you tackle the JEE Advanced problems in a more confident way.

Arihant Books

Almost all the mathematics books of Arihant are great in the collection of problems. The problems are challenging, exhaustive, and tough, especially the level 2 problems. There is nothing better than to test your JEE Advanced problem solving skills than Arihant Mathematics books.

Coordinate Geometry and Calculus (both differential and integral) are simply awesome in scope and scale of problems. Algebra too is good but few chapters such as probability and permutation/combination could have been more exhaustive.

Cengage books

Cengage books are good. Explanation of concepts as well as problems is clear. As far as theory part is concerned, Cengage Algebra is better. Similarly 3D geometry and Vectors of Cengage is great to read for variety of problems. Calculus and Coordinate are equally good but the difficulty level of Arihant is slightly higher.

TMH JEE Advanced Mathematics

Another challenging book for JEE Advanced. There are plenty of problems in each chapter. Level 2 problems are really good because they test all your skills. The only problem is that there is no explanation of lever 2 problems. So if you are stuck with a problem, you have to rush to your coach.

Algebra by Bernard and Child

This book contains chapters from various topics, not necessarily Algebra. The problems are great and will be as challenging. The only problem is that the explanation of theory leaves much to be desired. Moreover, there is no help or hint in the book if you get stuck with a problem. This book is very useful.

Coordinate by Loney

Good book and has equally challenging problems but if you are doing with Arihant or Cengage, which should be fine.

Trigonometry: Any book by Cengage or Arihant will do.

Algebra by Amit Kumar of TMH

This book is best in Algebra. The content, types of problems, level of problems are all at the highest level. This is a gem we discovered while searching for JEE Advanced books.

Calculus: Thomas and Finney is good.

Calculus by Steward: This is again a great book. Level or problems are challenging and sometimes even beyond the scope of IITJEE.

A word of caution when reading books by foreign authors: The books are great to build sound understanding or mathematics as subject as well as problem solving skills. However, they cover many topics which may not be useful for IITJEE entrance. Hence study only those topics which are relevant.


~ Pankaj Priyadarshi


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