Advice to JEE Main aspirants – 2017

Now that the dates for JEE mains are announced, you all must be wrecking your brain out the preparation. Additionally the board exam in starting in march. The burden on your little may be too much to bear. While both exams are important and pressure is immense, you can take care of few important things to manage the pressure and keep your calm.


JEE mains and Board overlap on many areas of syllabus

Thankfully, there is overlap between the JEE mains and Board as far as syllabus, difficulty level and depth of questions are concerned. For example, a significant no. of questions in main is equivalent to that of Board. The only difference is that JEE main is a competition while board is an exam. In a competition, you are measured against the performance of others. In Board, your performance is absolute.

A thorough preparation for Board is foundation to score better in mains

The good news is that if you have prepared thoroughly for Board, you stand good chance to do better in JEE main. Students who have studied fundamentals pretty well will find JEE main relatively easier as it requires students to have thorough knowledge of fundamentals. Questions in JEE main rarely deviate from usual path unlike JEE Advance.

To prepare well for JEE main test, look at the syllabus at a micro level and list out the concepts which you are not clear about. Now attack them one by one. Take help from your coach if needed.

Practice is the key

While JEE main and board overlap in many areas, the need for practice in case of JEE main is more. Remember that JEE main tests you on objective questions with 4 options given. You have to select the right one in the given timeframe. Time is in short supply. Here apart from knowledge you also need speed. Speed in solving problems comes from practice. Practice as much as you can. Practice different types of problems; practice time saving technique which comes out of fundamental understanding of subjects. I can tell you this. If you take 2 students one with more talent and less practice will lose out to the one with more practice.


~ Pankaj Priyadarshi


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