A letter to board students

Dear Students,

The board exam for 12th starts now. This is the biggest test so far in your life. The last big one came about 2 years back when you appeared for 10th.

But this is certainly not the last challenge for you. There are tests, exams, competition far more challenging and far more important. They will appear as times go by.

However, 12th board exam is said to be the turning point in a student’s life. Your performance in board exam is a symbol to your future performance in most of the cases. So it is important to give your best to the exam and leave it to the almighty to reward you for your effort. I would like to share some of the important points to the students.

  1. Practice – there is no substitute to it

Bruce Lee, the legendary Kung Fu fighter said out that he is not afraid of a guy who has done 1000 shots but afraid of the guy who have practiced a shot 1000 times. So dear student, do it all over again; practice the problems; do the revision; remember that practice will help you achieve a great score.

  1. Focus – makes the practice perfect

Practice will not make you score unless you do it with focus. Focus is a great quality. It separates important from unimportant, relevant from irrelevant, and good from also ran, and finally great from good. Study with complete focus on books and tests. Throw away any distraction such as cell phone, iPod/iPad or any other object which distracts your attention. Two hours of focused study will make you a much better student than six hours of unfocused study.

  1. Faith – brings the results

Now that you have done your practice with focus, then what? This is where the faith comes in. Believe that you are doing great with your study. Have faith that your effort will pay handsomely when the results come out.

Finally, avoid negative thinking. You do more damage by negative thoughts than the good you build by positive thought. A positive frame of mind is vital. Remember that the toughest of them all i.e. JEE(Advanced) is next in line.


~ Pankaj Priyadarshi


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