About Vertex

VertexVertex Classes is a coaching institute for Engineering entrance and medical entrance tests (including 11th and 12th). Drawn from IITs, our faculty are best in their field of teaching. Our mentor-ship, guidance, and focus on your improvement is unmatched.

Vertex classes is focused on preparing students to clear toughest of competitive tests by best in class mentors and faculty. Our style of teaching, explanation of concepts, problem solving methods, and continuous evaluation and feedback on students’ performance is what separates us from others.

We teach, guide, and mentor aspiring students pursue the course of their dream career. We offer the following courses in both regular and crash course format.

1. 11th, 12th and +2 Integrated
2. IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced)
3. Medical Entrance Tests (NEET)
4. Individual subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology)

All faculty are IIT graduates. Please call 7377573602 or email at rai.anup77@gmail.com.

Our offices are at the following address:

1. D/15, BJB Nagar, Bhubaneswar

2. Plot no 69, Satya Nagar (Near Kali Temple), Bhubaneswar


If you have set your goal high shall settle for nothing but the best, then we are here for you.

You might have realized by now that you have everything – intelligence, capability and willpower, but that you lack focused guidance – the do’s and don’ts of 11th, 12th, IIT-JEE, NEET preparation and a stimulating atmosphere. At this juncture, we offer you our helping hand. Come, resurrect your confidence, shape-up your ideas, strengthen your foundation and get in to the top gear of IIT-JEE and NEET preparation with a course that can easily claim to be at par with the best offered anywhere in India.

Please click on Vertex Guidance tab to read more

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vertex-Classes-371174219656615%2F

Email: vertexclasses2010@gmail.com; panks123@gmail.com; rai.anup77@gmail.com

Cell: 7377573602, 9776074399


Message from the Directors

Dear Students,

While the number of seats in engineering and medical has been going up drastically, the number of good institutes has improved marginally. Hence the competition to get admission into best colleges has also become stiff. Qualifying engineering entrance is no more sufficient to secure a rewarding career anymore. What has become more important is your rank in engineering tests. This alone determines your career path in next 4 years and beyond.

At Vertex Classes, we not only prepare you to qualify the entrance tests but also enable you achieve a good rank so as to ensure a flying career  in engineering. Our top notch faculty are all from IIT and we ensure that you get the best.

Today students face myriads of distractions in the preparation of Boards, and Entrance Tests. They have multitude of books to consult from, thousands of unsolicited advice from everyone, and many other time consuming activities. We, at Vertex, understand the confusion students go through and our teaching addresses all of them. Let’s take each one of them and show you how we address the problems.

1. Time Management – Students have got 2 years to prepare for Board and Entrance. A significant number of students try for another year for entrance. This is natural. We understand the time constraint under which a vast syllabus have to be covered. Hence we divided the course in small modules (chapter wise). Each topic is covered under the stipulated time frame. If students have any doubt, we cover them in extra class. We also encourage students to just call us and come to our center for doubt clearing.

2. Suggestion on Books – We understand that there are many publishers and books available in the market. We advise students on the most suitable books for Board and Entrance.

3. Teaching – The most important part of Vertex is our teaching method and processes. We cover the syllabus chapter-wise so that students do not miss their school tests. In each chapter, our teaching involves the following:

  • Cover the concepts: First & foremost, we cover the concepts. A strong fundamental base helps students go higher and deeper into any subject.
  • Solve problems based on the taught concepts: While we cover the concepts, we solve numerical to show how the concepts relate to practical problem solving. The goal of science is not to learn concept and stop there. The application part is equally important.
  • Board examination preparation: Once the concepts and related problems are done, we dive into problems that came in board and let students solve the problems. In the meantime, we keep guiding them on mistakes, tips, processes, methodology, use of concepts etc.
  • Entrance Tests: Once students have solid knowledge, we dive into entrance tests and solve tougher problems for entrance tests. We challenge students to go beyond their comfort zone and solve questions which requires more work.

4. Regular Tests – In Vertex, tests are conducted chapter-wise as well as course-wise. As soon as a chapter is over, students appear in test to check their knowledge.

At Vertex, we understand that the 2 years in 11th and 12th are the most crucial period of students’ life. We make you use the 2 years with extreme sincerity, dedication, and focus towards your Board and Entrance Tests.

Your success is our pride…

~ Anup Rai


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